Rising Together | a Digital Archive/Exhibition of Zines with a Social Conscience

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Featured Participants

12 photo(s) Updated on: 27 Dec 2017
  • Monica Wapaha
  • Kelsey Reiman
  • Cece Ramey
  • Mario Munguia
  • Anthony Mead
  • Habits of the Heart by Regula Russell
  • Save the Bees by Gabrielle Anderson
  • Teamwork by Jesse Barlett Hayes
  • What We Save by Jade Peterson
  • Toward Leisurely Intervention by Clint Sleeper
  • Pattern Recognition by Nanette Wylde
  • Dish by Matt Runkle

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Artist: Gabrielle Anderson
Save the Bees

Artist: Jesse Bartlett Hayes

Artist: Jade Peterson
What We Save

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