Sustainability Letter to Members

To be truly sustainable, an organization or community must embody practices that are environmentally sound AND economically feasible AND socially equitable. -American Library Association’s Resolution for the Adoption of Sustainability as a Core Value of Librarianship, 2019

Dear CBAA member,

Inspired by the recent adoption of sustainability as a core value of librarianship by the American Library Association and the sustainable conference discussion sparked by ALA’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Section in 2019, the local organizing committee would like to pledge our commitment to developing sustainable conference practices during the 2020 CBAA gathering in New Orleans. We hope that attendees can help us in our efforts to minimize waste, show respect for the environment and strive for inclusivity within our small but mighty membership. The local CBAA conference organizers believe that these ideals are not only in alignment with the theme of this year’s conference but also with CBAA’s mission to holistically serve the Book Arts education community.

Please read our full Sustainability Letter to Members.

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