CBAA Scholarship Partnerships

The College Book Art Association (CBAA) encourages and supports the creation of scholarships for students and practitioners of the book arts.

CBAA offers opportunities for partnership with colleges/universities, residency programs, and other book arts entities to provide funding for scholarships, internships, residencies, or other experiences in the book arts.

CBAA will match up to $1,000 in funding per partnership for the benefit of a CBAA member.

Requirements of a CBAA Scholarship Partnership:

  1. The book arts entity (or a representative thereof) and the scholarship recipient must be members of the College Book Arts Association. 
  2. The book arts entity will promote the partnership with CBAA. 
  3. The scholarship recipient will supply to CBAA photographic images of the work they accomplish during their funded book arts experience. The book arts entity, the scholarship recipent's name and biography, and photos of their associated work will be promoted on CBAA’s website and/or social media.

Institutions or programs with questions about partnering with CBAA in this regard are welcome and encouraged to reach out to the CBAA Awards Committee at

Link to the application:

Link to information on these scholarships:

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