The 2016 CBAA Biennial Conference Cocktail Competition 

Building on the enthusiasm and success of the 2012 “Vandercook Cocktail Competition”, the CBAA Nashville conference team is announcing a new cocktail competition. The choice of the winning cocktail will be based on some or all of these criteria: relation to the history of Nashville, gastronomic personality of Tennessee (ie use of sweet tea, bourbon, moonshine), or related to the theme of this year's conference.

Specify all ingredients, amounts, garnishes, temperature, preferred glass, and any mixology equipment in your recipe. If your recipe requires hard-to-find ingredients, you must send these by post to the organizer (see address below). Make sure to include a statement explaining your recipe design and concept, as this will feature in the decision of the judges.

Winner/s will be announced at the upcoming CBAA Conference “Telling the Story” (Nashville, TN January, 2016). The winner of the competition will receive an award certificate and a yet-to-be-announced prize. Other awards may be given at the discretion of the judges.The winning cocktail will be created and served at the Nashville conference at the cocktail reception just before the banquet on Saturday evening. 

Send your recipes, statement, contact information (phone, address, email), and also indicate whether you plan to attend the CBAA conference to: CBAA Cocktail Competition, c/o Barb Tetenbaum, 7907 N. Wabash Ave, Portland, OR 97217 or by email: btetenbaum@ocac.eduSend any special ingredients to: Barb Tetenbaum, 7907 N. Wabash Ave, Portland, OR 97217. Deadline for submissions: December 15th, 2015

This competition is independently organized by Barb Tetenbaum, Marilyn Zornado, Julie Chen, Karen Zimmerman and Sarah Hulsey. Judges will be selected from members of both the printing and drinking sectors of the Pacific Northwest.

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