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CBAA Exchange Portfolio //

The CBAA Exchange Portfolio Exhibition is a showcase of the long anticipated print exchanges between each regional group. Regional Groups were introduced in 2020 and this project was proposed at the 2020 CBAA Conference in New Orleans. It’s been a long journey, with several delays and setbacks, but two years later the portfolios are complete and ready to be viewed! Get to know artists from other regions via this exhibition and see how each participant approached the theme of “Environment” in a different way.

Thank you to all the artists who participated in this exchange and each of the regional leaders (listed at the top of each regional page).

Special thank you to Benjamin Rinehart for scanning the images, Keri Schroeder for making the enclosures for the national portfolios, and Camden Richards (previous Vice-Chair for Programs) for initiating and developing this project. Finally, thank you to the the Meetings and Programs Committee which includes Jessica Peterson, Vice-President of Programming; Amanda D’Amico, Vice-Chair of Meetings; and Sue Carrie Drummond, Vice-Chair of Programs.

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