CBAA Regional Groups Inaugural Print Exchange

Get to know your fellow regional CBAA members via a print exchange. Participants will create an edition of prints to be exchanged within your region, plus an additional 5 prints that will be submitted to national CBAA to be exhibited at the 2021 CBAA National Meeting in Tacoma (details TBD), a travelling exhibit throughout various CBAA regions, the CBAA permanent archives, and to be auctioned off to raise funds for future CBAA regional activities.


Theme: Environment (whatever this word means to you right now)

Size: 9x12” including deckled edge. Prints may be folded down to this dimension if desired.

Edition: Dependent on final number of participants in each region, plus an additional 5 prints.

Methods, Materials, Participation:

  • any kind of printing process is acceptable (letterpress, digital, etc) any kind of material is acceptable. 
  • exchange is open to current CBAA members. 
  • If submitted print is a collaboration, at least one member of the collaboration must be a current CBAA member


  • prints must be submitted with archival slip sheets between each print; use these or similar: glassine paper sheets prints must be submitted with return shipping included, unless you plan to a) attend the 2021 CBAA meeting in Tacoma or b) can partake in local drop off/pick up to (TBD based on your regional leader). 
  • Guidance for obtaining return shipping will be provided upon confirmation of participation, or shortly thereafter.


  • June 15: email your regional leader to confirm your participation 
  • September 15: submit (in person or via mail) your prints to your regional leader. Mailing address will be provided upon confirmation of participation. 
  • January - February 2021: receive/exchange of prints from your fellow regional leaders (national collection of prints to be displayed at 2021 CBAA Tacoma Meeting, circulated for travelling exhibit, auctioned off for fundraising).
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