CBAA Regional Groups Inaugural Print Exchange

Get to know your fellow regional CBAA members via a print exchange. Participants will create an edition of prints to be exchanged within your region, plus an additional 5 prints that will be submitted to national CBAA to be exhibited virtually and/or at a future date (details TBD), to be a part of the CBAA permanent archives, and to be auctioned off to raise funds for future CBAA regional activities.


Theme: Environment (whatever this word means to you right now)

Size: 9x12” including deckled edge. Prints may be folded down to this dimension if desired.

Edition: Dependent on final number of participants in each region, plus an additional 5 prints.

Methods, Materials, Participation:

  • any kind of printing process is acceptable (letterpress, digital, etc) any kind of material is acceptable. 
  • exchange is open to current CBAA members. 
  • If submitted print is a collaboration, at least one member of the collaboration must be a current CBAA member


  • prints must be submitted with archival slip sheets between each print; use these or similar: glassine paper sheets prints must be submitted with return shipping included, unless you can partake in local drop off/pick up to (TBD based on your regional leader). 
  • Guidance for obtaining return shipping will be provided upon confirmation of participation, or shortly thereafter.


  • June 15: email your regional leader to confirm your participation 
  • January 15: submit (in person or via mail) your prints to your regional leader. Mailing address will be provided upon confirmation of participation. 
  • January - March 2021: receive/exchange of prints from your fellow regional leaders (national collection of prints to be displayed virtually/TBD and auctioned off for fundraising).
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