CBAA Distinguished Career Award

Call for Nominations Distinguished Career Award 

By honoring outstanding educators, the CBAA reaffirms its mission to support the teaching of book arts at the college and university level. With this award, the CBAA seeks to honor an individual whose accomplishments continue to have a significant impact on the academic pursuit of book art. The Distinguished Career Award is granted to an individual who continues to contribute significantly to the pedagogical development of the field by recognized teaching, lecturing, and/or administrative excellence, demonstrated by accomplishments that further the study of book art, innovative teaching or lecturing practices, high-quality student work, papers or presentations at national conferences, and/or other substantial contributions to the education of book artists and the advancement of the field. 


  • Nomination by CBAA member 
  • Current members of the CBAA board or the Awards Committee are not eligible for consideration. 


To initiate nomination, please email Emily Tipps at Include the name, email, position, and institution of the nominee. A candidate may self-nominate, but the required nomination materials are the same for self-nominations. 

Required materials, provided by nominator: 

  • one letter from a professional colleague or college administrator 
  • one letter from a former student 
  • statement explaining why you are nominating this person for the award, citing specific examples of contributions to the field, as described above 
  • current CV, including honors, grants, exhibitions, publications, student accomplishments
  • course syllabi 
  • any other evidence/documentation that provides a greater understanding of the nominee’s work, pedagogy, and practice 

Email all nomination materials, in PDF format, to, titling each file with the nominee’s last name and appropriate notation; for example, Smith_student letter.pdf

Download the PDF call here.

Distinguished Career Award (Previous Winners):

Hedi Kyle (2016)

Betsy Davids (2014)

Steve Miller (2012)

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