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Openings is an annual, online publication that constitutes one of CBAA’s major outreach platforms. The journal publishes critical, historical, and theoretical peer-reviewed articles, book and exhibition reviews, interviews about book art and its pedagogy, and art features. Contributions from diverse perspectives are welcome as are interdisciplinary and international explorations of the relationship of book art to the broader art world including graphic design, printmaking, digital media, creative writing and other textual and/or visual disciplines.

Openings Editor - We are looking for an editor for the journal! Applications due by May 1


Appointment and Term: The Editor is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the CBAA Board. A stipend of $2,000 is provided to the Editor, payable for service at the end of each year for a 3-year term. The expectation is that journal content, including: Exhibition Reviews, Book Reviews, Art Features, and Peer Reviewed Articles will be published each year according to the publication schedule established by the Editor and the Editorial Board.

Regarding journal content, the Editor: 

  • manages and communicates with the Genre Editors on a regular basis 
  • is the secondary reviewer for all submissions 
  • is the second proofreader after Genre Editors 
  • forwards appropriate submissions to Peer Reviewers 
  • maintains an anonymous review process (encourages this process for Genre Editors) 
  • makes the final decision, in consultation with the Genre Editor, (within the policy framework established by the Editor and the Editorial Board) about whether a submission should be published.

Journal organization and production processes, the Editor, in collaboration with the Genre Editors:

  • creates and distributes a production calendar to everyone responsible for production of the journal 
  • establishes a process for regular communication with the Editorial Board, working with that body to set journal policies and practices and to solicit material for the journal 
  • supervises the work of the Genre Editors, the Copy Editor, the Production Manager 
  • works with the CBAA Board to recruit people into those positions 
  • administers and updates the journal web site, in consultation with the Production Manager 
  • provides reports regarding the journal’s progress to the Chair of the Publications Committee

Time commitment: The Editor commits the time necessary to set policies, manage the peer-review and editorial review processes, and work with authors to prepare their articles for the Production Manager. 

Structure: The Editor participates in Publications Committee meetings to keep that body informed about the journal and its production progress. The Editor should be a CBAA member and should not be a member of the CBAA Board.

SUBMIT: Letter of Interest (one page maximum), your CV, and one writing sample to AB Gorham at

CBAA Journal: Current Issue

The journal is now open access!

Our most current issue, Volume 3, Number 1 (2017) of Openings: Studies in Book Art can be accesses by clicking on the link. 

Previous Issues

Volume 1, Number 1 (2012) of Openings: Studies in Book Art can be accessed through the archives on the journal website.

Volume 2, Number 1 (2016), of OpeningsStudies in Book Art can be accessed through the archives on the journal website.

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