Angelica Aranda



Angelica Aranda was born and raised in New York City as a first-generation American, daughter to a Dominican mother and Ecuadorian father. Aranda focuses her art practice on bookmaking and zinemaking, and has worked in the Chelsea gallery district, teaching art therapy, and as a teaching assistant for both painting and performing arts courses. She is a recipient of Creatives Rebuild New York’s Guaranteed Income for Artists and has completed her B.A. in Political Science and Studio Arts at the University of Rochester.


Using bookmaking and storytelling Aranda explores the relationship between the imagined and tangible. Writing to someone who doesn’t exist yet, stuffing feelings into a pill bottle, and producing a monthly publication referencing the most daunting facets of life, are the essence of Aranda’s artistic practice. Always keeping where she came from and her community in mind, she makes work that emphasizes the relatability of all human experience. The untranslatable aspects of communication are the unsolved equation Aranda attempts to solve. Through bookmaking she expresses the relativity of her own experience in hopes it will force the viewer to question their own.


Title: Fluoxetine
2023. Paper, string and pill bottle. 3x1.5 inches.

Title: Por Ti No Lloro Mas
2023. Cotton fabric, glass beads and embroidery thread. 4x4 inches.

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