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Jay Fox


Jay Fox is the Print, Letterpress, Books, and Papermaking Studio Coordinator at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. His paper-centric practice is guided by storytelling and objects of importance which take the form of ephemera and memorials. Jay received his BFA in Printmaking from Savannah College of Art and Design, and Studio Art MFA with a focus in Print and Narrative Forms from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Objects are the passive storytellers of our lives, from the things we slowly save to buy, to the things that we blindly save. These objects and things, the detritus of life, are ours. They become the definition of what we are, what we do, what we are allowed to do.  

My work investigates these objects, from the simple paper that accumulates, to the worry stone picked up on some far off beach, and the items within arms reach that allow one to accomplish the day’s tasks. These banal items are not universally known. Instead the items are specific, imbued with the personality, patterns, and stories of the people who use them. The people whose life they helped shape.  

I utilize printmaking processes and the multiple to depict both the unique properties of our objects as well as their use and their repeated role in our lives. I use sculpture and participatory actions to engage viewers in the objects’ narrative. In this way I reenact with scrutiny the larger cycles at play, focusing on one singular piece and providing the experience that will create ownership with each person who encounters it. 


Printed Exchange collaboration with Ellie Richards at Center for Craft Creativity and Design, 25th anniversary happening, Asheville NC. 2016 

From the Ground Up

MFA thesis exhibition,
31 editions available at the price of items and materials depicted. 

Lithography and relief on handmade paper, Milwaukee, WI. 2014 

POSTED: altercation with paper as witnessed in Western NC.

Pierced and etched intaglio, 2016 

The Briar Thicket, endeavors in purposeful publishing. 

Letterpress, screenprint, open-ended collaboration, Turchin Center for Visual Arts, 2017 

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