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2015 Featured Project Assistance Grant Recipient:

Karen Baldner

“In War 1942 -” is to be a ten page piano hinge bound book in an edition of 20 copies. The book will consist of 5 folios, ten pages with each page to represent a conflict the US has been engaged in since and including World War II. Each page will be handmade from pulp of shredded uniforms pertaining to its respective conflict. On the back of each page will be hand printed (silkscreen) the respective conflict of the uniforms that contributed to the paper that formed the page. The stepped piano hinge structure will allow pages to be visible simultaneously and in relation to each other. Pages will be consecutively smaller with the largest page representing World War II and the smallest page representing Afghanistan. The pages will be held together with dowels and attached to a hard cover.  Cover and inside lining will be made from a paper pulp mixture of uniforms from all US conflicts represented in the book. The title will be pulp printed onto the front cover and the lining will have a hand printed (letterpress) text describing the process.

This book project is still in its beginning phase. The CBAA production grant is providing the funds for the beginning of the production. The project is a collaboration between Karen Baldner (CBAA member) and Drew Cameron (director of Combat Paper). Up to this point we have hand cut with the help of combat veterans uniforms from six US conflicts : World War II, Korea, Vietnam,  Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. We have pulped these uniforms into six batches. And we have begun forming the sheets for the pages and for the cover. The largest sheets for the World War II pages are finished.

Slideshow images show the process from cutting through pulping to sheet formation.  

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