CBAA Project Assistance Grant Recipient 2013: KATIE BALDWIN

There Are Two Stories Here is a non-linear narrative that uses text and image to tell a story of a journey along the Erie Canal, from two points of view. A specimen sheet functions as a map for the text used in printed the book. The type is casted for both the printed book and specimen sheet, and is motivated by my interest in the physical limitations within a job case, yet the infinite possibilities in arranging letters to make words, words to make sentences, sentences to tell stories. I am concerned in making work by hand. Woodblock images will complete each other in a non-linear narrative, attesting to the complexity of the human condition. Carving and printing woodblocks to create imagery is time honored in contrast to our society where everything is made to be fast, efficient and overproduced. This process is a physical reminder of limitations, while serving as a direct response to the tactile act of making things. This artist book is narrative in form and content.

The images create a visual analogue for my writing. In this work, I am utilizing a perspective based on multiple points of view. I am interested in challenging the unity of time by the defiance of scale, exaggerating spatial proportions, and by showing several moments at once.




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