CBAA Project Assistance Grant Recipient 2012: AMARANTH BORSUK

Taking part in the related traditions of the artist’s book, concrete poetry, and digital poetry, Between Page and Screen considers the place of books as objects in an era of increasingly screen-based reading. Produced initially in a hand-bound, letterpress-printed limited-edition (and now available from Siglio Press), the book’s pages contain no text, only black-and-white geometric shapes and an address leading to  

When the book is opened before a reader’s webcam at the site, our software scans each shape like a barcode and projects a poem above it, creating the effect that the reader holds the words in her hands. These poems, a series of cryptic letters between P and S, two lovers struggling to define their relationship, play with the etymology of “page” and “screen” to explore their intersections and divergences. While the poems appear to inhabit three-dimensional space, moving along with the page and scattering when each page is turned, the words do not exist on either platform, but in the augmented space between them bridged by the readerundefinedmaking a case for the coexistence, and even marriage, of old and new media forms.

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