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Call for Nominations
CBAA Board of Directors Student Member


The Nominations and Membership Committee seeks nominations from the membership for a student to serve on the College Book Art Association Board of Directors beginning in January 2019.

All CBAA members are invited to nominate candidates by emailing nominations to the Nominating and Membership Committee. Please email Kerry McAleer-Keeler at kmk@gwu.edu by August 15, 2018. Nominees must be willing to serve. Self-nominations are accepted.

Nominations should include the following information, which will be shared with the board:

  • Name of nominee(s)
  • Contact information
  • Institutional affiliation, if any
  • Brief statement of nominee’s qualifications by nominator


The board shall offer advice and direction to the activities of the Association; their approval may be sought at any time deemed necessary by the President. The Board of Directors shall meet quarterly via conference call, electronic conferencing, or in person and may be solicited via electronic mail as necessary. All board members are expected to attend the annual meeting of the association and to hold one of its quarterly board meetings during that time. The Board of Directors is authorized to adopt such transitional measures as may be appropriate with respect to terms of service of an officer of the association, a director, or a member of any committee of the association; any nominations, elections or appointments thereto, and any other matter, as may be caused or necessitated by the amendment of these bylaws. Any action not specified in the constitution is reserved to the board, that is, the board is not restricted solely to the duties and actions prescribed. All members elected to the board must have served at least one year on a CBAA committee. Members elected by the board serve two (2) year terms at staggered intervals.

Nomination and Candidate Selection Procedures

  • The Nominating Committee requests nominations from the membership.
  • Based on the nominations received, the Nominating Committee determines the slate of nominees to present to the board for their individual consideration and vote.
  • The Board votes on the preliminary slate.
  • The preliminary slate is presented to the membership who may suggest additional nominees within thirty (30) days.
  • The Nominating Committee shall make up to four (4) additional nominations at the request of at least two (2) percent of the membership 

More information about officers and the nomination and election process can be found in the CBAA Constitution and Bylaws at: http://www.collegebookart.org


Fall Student Work-Study Opportunity
Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Another work-study opportunity for students that may not have plans for Fall of 2018 and would like to spend 4-8 weeks at Arrowmont. 

Click on the link below for students interested in applying for this opportunity:

Any questions about the work-study program can be directed to Rebecca Buglio, Program and Studio Manager, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, rbuglio@arrowmont.org

We look forward to seeing students join us this Fall!

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