Appointments and Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the association and three members from the current board, including, if possible, one student member.

Updated January 18, 2014

Julie Chen, President
Kerry McAleer-Keeler, Executive Vice President
Macy Chadwick, Secretary
Mare Blocker, Treasurer
Marnie Powers-Torrey, VP Membership
Sarah Hulsey, VP Meetings and Programs
Matt Runkle, Student member
Denise Bookwalter
Barb Tetenbaum

Nominating and Membership Committee

The Nominating and Membership Committee, appointed by the Executive Committee, shall consist of one former chairperson, one director, and one member not a director, together with no more than two such other members, whether or not directors.

Marnie Powers-Torrey, VP Membership, Committee Chair
Jessica Spring

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee shall have the Executive Vice President of the board as its chairperson and shall consist of five members who will solicit new ideas, recommendations and suggestions to further the aims of the association and the profession. The committee shall function as a research and development group responsible for suggesting long range planning to the board.

Kerry McAleer-Keeler, Committee Chair
Ruth Bardenstein
Julie Leonard
Marnie Powers-Torrey
Denise Bookwalter

Ex officio members:
Kathy Walkup
John Risseeuw

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall be responsible for all communications with and between the members. The committee shall have responsibility for the content of the association's newsletter, website, and other instruments of communication.

Shawn Simmons, Committee Chair
Camden Richards, Managing Editor, Newsletter
Molly Dotson, Assistant Editor, Newsletter
Kerry McAleer-Keeler
Jaime Shaffer, Facebook Coordinator
Robin Price
Casey Smith
Sarah Smith
Tricia Treacy

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee shall have a director as its chairperson and shall consist of five members at least two of which shall be directors and two non-directors and one of which is a former editor of the journal when possible. The Publications Committee shall have responsibility for the design and production of the association's journal (at such time as the board decides to publish one), newsletter, and other documents, except for those overseen by the Communications Committee, as directed by the board.

Jeff Groves, Committee Chair
Elisabeth Long, Editor, Openings
Elizabeth Boyne
Tatiana Ginsberg
Bonnie O'Connell
Bob Riter
Robert Rowe
Katherine Ruffin
Sara Sauers
Tate Shaw
April Sheridan
Michelle Strizever
Susan Viguers
Bob Riter, Vice Chair
Bob Blesse
Kathy Walkup
Michelle Strivezer, Vice Chair
Katie Baldwin
Bonnie O'Connell
Julie Leonard
Robert Rowe
Katherine Ruffin
Kyle Schlesinger
Susan Viguers
Bonnie O'Connell, Vice Chair
Katie Baldwin
Elizabeth Boyne
Tatiana Ginsberg
Nikki Thompson

Meetings and Programs Committee

The Meetings and Programs Committee shall recommend the annual national meeting program chairperson to the board and shall oversee the planning and production of the annual national meeting and the biannual national conference. The committee shall also advise the board on suitable locations and hosts for future meetings.

Sarah Hulsey, Committee Chair and Vice Chair for programs
Rebecca Chamlee
Judy Harvey Sahak
Annie Herlocker
Kat Howard
Kitty Maryatt
Cindy Marsh
Kathleen O’Connell
Jae Rossman
Matt Runkle

Denise Bookwalter, Vice Chair for meetings
Inge Bruggeman
Macy Chadwick
Eva Chertow
Michael Henninger
Kat Howard
Sara Langworthy
Cindy Marsh
Dan Mayer
Pamela Olsen
Lisa Beth Robinson
Steph Rue
Matt Runkle
Cynthia Thompson
Kathy Walkup

Awards Committee

This ad-hoc committee was created at the annual meeting January 10-11, 2008. The Executive Committee appoints. There is no limit to the number of committee members. The Awards Committee is responsible for overseeing the promotion and management of all CBAA awards.

Emily Tipps, Chair
Bridget Elmer
Gale Flax
Thomas Helmers
Elizabeth Holster
Steve Kostell
Candida Pagan
Mary Phelan
Suzanne Powney Katie Risseeuw
Linda Samson-Talleur
Barbara Tetenbaum
Emily Tipps
Karen Zimmermann

Development Committee

This ad-hoc committee was created at the annual meeting January 9-10, 2009.

The Development Committee is responsible for identifying and cultivating donors and coordinating all fund raising activities.

Cynthia Nourse Thompson, Chair
Bridget Elmer
Kat Howard
Jina Park
Steve Woodall
Richard Zauft

Task Force on Criticism

This ad-hoc committee was created at the annual meeting January 9-10, 2009.

The Task Force on Criticism is responsible for developing and identifying potential publishing venues and prioritizing ideas for the enrichment of the discourse in book art, as well as its integration into mainstream art discourse. Specific objectives will be to compile a list of potential publications, both print and online, for the placement of reviews and other writings on the field.

Betty Bright, Co-Chair
Kathy Walkup, Co-Chair
Katy Govan
Sarah Hulsey
Michael Kasper
Elisabeth Long
Jae Rossman
Michelle Strizever

Task Force on Strategic Planning

This ad-hoc committee was created at the annual meeting on January 8-10, 2010 to develop long-term strategic plans for the organization.

Kathy Walkup, Chair
John Risseeuw
Richard Zauft
Bob Blesse
Charles Hobson
Harry Reese

Editorial Board

This ad-hoc committee was created at the annual meeting January 8-10, 2010. The Executive Committee appoints. There is no limit to the number of committee members.

Elisabeth Long, Editor, CBAA Journal
Betsy Davids
Betty Bright
Julie Leonard
Laurie Whitehill Chong
Susan Viguers

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