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2015 Featured Project Assistance Grant Recipient:

Jenna Rodriguez: Still

Still was designed, hand-bound, and printed by Jenna Rodriguez while she was the Victor Hammer Fellow at Wells College Book Arts Center in Aurora, New York. “Still” was letterpress printed with the exception of the digital x-rays and digital pull out photographs. The animals were scanned to size and made into polymer printing plates. The covers are handmade paper from recycled clothing. 

Still memorializes roadkill I encountered in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. Moving from Chicago, IL to Aurora, NY I was overwhelmed with my daily encounter of roadkill. The book transforms into a creative non-fiction narrative allowing me to connect with my environment.  The deceased animals were found on my daily commute and treated with respect.  The cover resembles asphalt. The book proceeds with an image of crows around an animal to represent the flight of their soul. Following is a pullout map indicating where animals were found. Animals are letterpress printed in two colors with linoleum blocks and polymer plates. A veterinarian allowed me to take x-rays, which are printed on transparent paper with vertical text stating statistics about roadkill. Each animal has an obituary that states factual and humorous information with a pullout photograph showing the crime scene and the longitude and latitude.  At the end of the project a private ceremony was held where the animals were buried on an island to pay respect and give thanks." 

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