CBAA Project Assistance Grant

CBAA Project Assistance Grants provide financial assistance to members for existing research and creative projects. Proposals are accepted biennially (in non-conference years) and reviewed by the CBAA Awards Committee. Grants are awarded in amounts up to $500 from the CBAA Board Fund and other CBAA funds. While not large, these awards are intended to help support existing projects with modest extra funding that allows progress to continue or projects to be completed. Funds are awarded until the budgeted allocation is exhausted. Possible grant assistance proposals may include, but are not limited to:

  • travel for research that is applicable to a specific project
  • travel for a collaborator (e.g.: writer, artist) to work in person at your institution

  • research costs (article access costs, copying costs, translation fees, postage, etc.)
  • project materials costs (paper, type, ink, plates, cloth, board, etc.)
  • project production costs (outside services, film or plate production, etc.)
  • software or hardware necessary for a project (CS update, scanner, etc.)

When available, the call for proposals for project grants can be found here.

Please direct inquiries about CBAA Awards to Amy Thompson at

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