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*Applications will be accepted through June 1, 2017.


A mentorship is a professional relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person
helps to guide a less experienced or knowledgeable person. It differs from an internship in that it
can take place over a number of years and involves a less tangible exchange of work, making it more
difficult to define. More than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help, a true mentorship is an ongoing relationship that focuses on professional demystification through learning, dialog, and challenge.

Program Objectives

  1. To introduce students and recent graduates to professional members in the field, so as to assist them with formulating their professional goals.
  2. To facilitate the transition from students to working professionals.
  3. To begin an in-depth conversation, through which the student or recent grad can gather knowledge that may go beyond what is learned in an internship; specific guidance provided about how to make the jump from student to establishing a career as an artist, curator, professor, etc.
  4. To continue a critical dialogue about the student’s work that may not be readily available after their academic time ends, so that they may continue to grow creatively and artistically.
  5. To develop connections in the field, share inspirations, and provide opportunities to learn from mentors’ experiences. 

Participant Guidelines
The term of the mentorship is normally no more than one year, with a minimum term of nine months. Depending on circumstances, the frequency and nature of meetings can vary. When both parties live in the same city/region, a combination of in-person meetings and online conversations may be most beneficial. Those engaging in a long-distance mentorship, however, will need to rely solely on phone and online communications, unless both parties attend a CBAA conference or annual meeting during the length of their term. The Mentorship Subcommittee recommends between 6 - 12 interactions during the course of one mentorship term. 

Mentees and Mentors will be paired following the conclusion of the academic school year, providing the opportunity for the pairs to connect in person at the annual meeting or conference.

For Mentees
Eligible CBAA members include students anticipating graduation within one year and graduates who have received their degree within the previous three years. Once you have been matched, you are responsible for initiating your mentorship by either contacting your match or promptly responding once they’ve contacted you. If your mentor has contacted you three times in two weeks without any response from you, your mentorship may be considered null. It is also your responsibility to have a clear list of goals you’d like to work on together. It is not your mentor’s responsibility to find you a job, but rather to answer questions and provide guidance in response to the goals you establish. To apply as a Mentee, click here

For Mentors
We also ask you to be prompt in responding to your mentees. We know you’re busy, but if you feel too swamped to have a mentorship conversation, please write your mentee to let them know you’ll be touching base soon. Your role is to answer questions and provide guidance in response to your mentee’s goals—all within a reasonable set of parameters (again, a suggested 6—12 interactions/conversations during a 9—12 month-period). To apply as a Mentor, click here

Please submit Mentee/Mentor forms or inquiries to

Updated definition, objectives & guidelines for 2016

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